• Original title: អាថ៌កំបាំងបាតទន្លេ
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  • Release date 2021-08-30 (2021)
  • Producer: Khmerzoon

MEKONG TREASURE Download - Zircon often dreams of seeing herself in traditional Thai clothes. and the incident that he was always killed She is an archaeological museum with a rich annual Walk for the continuity of Kanpur , her father was an archaeologist who deftly. She got the full course from her father. Phetai has been contacted by Aswin, a young police officer of the Antiquities Task Force to investigate antiques in his possession. But when Zircon examined it, it was found that it was a fake. This made Sia furious and ordered his subordinates to catch the person who dyed the cat and punish him. That cat dyeer was Songphop, a crafty antique dealer. or known in the industry as a savage proHe used his deceit to trick Sia into believing that Zircon was a ignorant archaeologist. and proved by tumbling at the seminar where Phatai was a speaker in which the two worlds use his cunning skill to attack until the zircon can't continue Two worlds with zircon was very painful. And then the two met again.
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